You’ve always been attracted to Western Europe… but for you it’s hard to choose one of its countries. Read our match Czech Republic VS Belarus and you will discover your new destination!

The Czech Republic is a small country in Central Europe with a rich history, literature and music. You won’t be able to resist the charm of its emblematic capital Prague, nicknamed the magic capital of Europe.

Belarus is an incredible paradox. In spite of its cultural wealth, its history emblematic of the tears of Europe and the welcoming qualities of its population, it remains the least visited country in Europe. Indeed, it remains a closed country, in particular because of the authoritarian regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

You still haven’t made up your mind? You can go on with our match Czech Republic VS Belarus and you can go and buy your plane tickets!

Czech Republic VS Belarus: Match 1
In the Czech Republic it is true that the official language is still Czech…BUT not only! English is the second language spoken, especially in the business world. Moreover, this country has had the status of observer of the International Organization of the Francophonie since 1999. In Belarus the country is divided in 2, half speaks Belarusian and the other half speaks Russian, which is a bit confusing! You understood it well if French or English are languages that you master, go to the Czech Republic on the contrary if you already speak Russian, welcome to Belarus!

Czech Republic VS Belarus: Match 2
And where do you turn to when you’re working? Good news… In Czech Republic you don’t need a visa, the country is open to you! Jobs in finance, communication, energy and science are recruiting and the country has little unemployment. In Belarus the country is more closed to receiving foreign students or workers, however if you are lucky, construction, computer science, engineering or management professions are in demand. In other words, you will find it much easier to find a company in the Czech Republic!

Czech Republic VS Belarus: Match 3
Did you know the Czechs are known to be very hospitable? You will meet Czechs who are deeply humanistic, never resigned, patient to excess. And believe me, they know how to toast! Belarusians are more closed to the idea of meeting foreigners, the country is still rooted in many traditions and rarely visited, which makes people in general reluctant to meet new people.

Czech Republic VS Belarus: Match 4
And on the beauty side, you’re probably curious about what her countries look like? Well in Belarus one third of the country is covered with forests that are among the last primary forests in Europe. The Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, famous for its European bison, is a perfect example. Belarus is also a paradise for outdoor sports! In the Czech Republic it is festivals that are in the spotlight, many open-air festivals like the “Colors of Ostrava” in Ostrava are organized there every year! You can also try your hand at climbing in the many mountain ranges in the south or wander through the many forests.

You are already on your way to buy your tickets for the Czech Republic, which is a very good choice. And yes, even if Belarus is worth visiting, the Czech Republic will offer you a better experience from every point of view! Contact the team to fly to the Czech Republic for your internship abroad as soon as possible!

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