We dare you to go on an internship abroad! Still many of you, do not dare to go abroad for training: you fear that the friends are missing, the family … and yet, out of your comfort zone, it is already growing up. And here is a quote from Paul Coelho “to travel, it is to grow a little”!

You can come back whenever you want

No need to go so far for your internship abroad: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, as many possible destinations! And if you want to go to Paris, for less than 35 € it’s possible ! you can do your internship in Poland, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, or an internship in a family company in the Baltic States. It’s cheap, so if it goes bad, or you just want to come back a weekend: it’s easy. Are you missing your friends? I’m sure they’ll all be happy to come to Riga or Krakow to party with you!

Dare to learn

Ask all those who have gone abroad for an internship: you are learning. You learn, of course during your internship, whether in France or abroad, but you learn from people. Leaving your comfort zone, you will have to push you, and go to meet people, go out, eat etc. Already, you will definitely improve foreign languages, and you will discover a new culture, and things that are so far familiar to you will no longer be: how to say hello? How is a date? How to cook?

To leave, to grow

Because we all need to grow. Not mature, but grow as a human. And, that’s when you encounter people that you grow up, to be confronted with new people, who think differently, who have a different perception of Time, a different perception of the Other. And this is not exaggerated! From my personal experience, I had the chance to do an internship in Ibiza: I was surprised not the perception of people’s time. Being late is never serious, they are much less formal than us, French, freer at work but also in relationships, more tolerant.

Any experience, whether for an internship abroad, or an academic semester, is rewarding. We dare you to go on an internship abroad! And if you want our team to accompany you, it’s time for your internship abroad!