Go go go, go go as Jlo sang during the Brazzzil World Cup! Do your internship in France or abroad, that is the big question for many students and parents. My friend, if you want to stay listening to the JUL, Black M and other Lartist and be cho-cho-chocolate, then, actually, do your internship in France! Do your internship in France or your internship abroad: here we go!

Do your internship in France or your internship abroad

It is already necessary to check the possibilities of internship agreement which you have: are you in a school ? If not, are you declared as a jobseeker? In France, we are very lucky because there is a lot of opportunity to get an internship agreement, and therefore, to acquire skills. So, please check, because without convention, no internship. No internship, no question to ask.


Ok, the advantage undeniably belongs to France. It is one of the few countries in the world where internships are necessarily paid. After finding a paid internship, it’s less expensive to do an internship abroad.