Do you get paid during your internship abroad? This is a legitimate question asked by many students. And we totally understand! You necessarily need to amortize the costs of travel, food, flat or roommate, outings for example if you are going to do your internship in Thailand. And we all know it: money doesn’t fall from the sky, only in our dreams! So, read this article, so you’ll be on time about everything.

Uncommon remuneration for your internship abroad
It should be noted that only France obliges companies to pay trainees. And it’s like THE only country in the whole mode; to my knowledge, only Cyprus is due to consider a law to this effect in 2019. So remuneration is not automatic, especially in highly competitive countries: Malta, Ireland, the United Kingdom. It is better to aim for other destinations, to have a better chance of being paid.

A long internship abroad = remuneration?
A few years ago, internships in Europe and long-term internships abroad were not paid much or not at all. Nothing nothing that falls at the end of the month. The trend is upwards; the longer the internship, the better chance you have. The better you are in English, the more experience you have … the more likely you are to get paid. Let’s say that after four months of internship, your chances of receiving financial compensation during your internship abroad increases sharply.

In Germany and England, things are changing a bit!
There are three statuses for interns in England. If you are not a ‘volunteer’, in other words an observer, you will not be paid a salary. On the other hand, if your work actively contributes to the development of the company, then it’s OK! Thus, trainees over the age of 21 are paid 6.19 pounds, those between 18 and 20 years old are paid 4.19 pounds. Those under 18 are paid 2.65 pounds. In Germany, if the internship is not part of a training course (i.e. you do it voluntarily, outside the school system or other), you are paid 8.5 euros per hour. This is also valid in several other European countries, but with a different remuneration. An internship in Europe is likely to be paid!

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