Hey! How are you doing? Are you more of a winter than a summer person? You want to discover Scandinavia and drink a lot of coffee? Let’s go for a BTS CI internship in Finland!

Do your BTS CI internship in Helsinki

Europe’s second northernmost capital city! A perfect mix of nature and entertainment, you will have a lot to discover after your internship in Helsinki. The Finnish economy is based on the wood and metal industry, so there is no shortage of opportunities for internships!

Do your BTS CI internship in Turku

The oldest city in Finland and the country’s former capital! That’s how important it is. Located in the south of the country, I can recommend you its maritime centre which is worth a visit! Don’t forget to go and see the castle after your BTS CI internship in Turku.

Do your BTS CI internship in Rovianemi

SANTA’S TOWN! HO HO HO! The whole city is turned around the most famous character in the world. If you are looking for a service internship for your BTS CI in Finland, and you like the magic of Christmas, this is the place to be.

Do your BTS CI internship in Espoo

The most cosmopolitan city in Finland! Many non-native speakers live in this city. This is a great opportunity to practice languages during your internship in Finland. On the economic side, many important companies have their headquarters in Espoo (Nokia for example).

Do your BTS CI internship in Vantaa

An alternative to Helsinki! Vantaa is located on the outskirts of the capital. Only 30 minutes away, it is also a great city if you are more into outdoor activities, hiking etc. City of innovation and international scope, Vantaa is a great place for your BTS CI internship in Finland.

That’s it! Here you are, ready to choose your destination for your BTS CI internship abroad! Are you going to make it happen? Contact us here 🙂