You are a BTS CI student and Georgia is on your checklist to do your internship abroad. Georgia is a beautiful country that is still very safe because, for the record, the locals don’t lock their doors or leave the key in the ignition when they are not in their car. Are you wondering which city in Georgia you should go to? Excellent question! 

Do your BTS CI internship in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is located in the south-east of Georgia and is the capital of the country. It is a large city with a population of over one million. It is the most populous city in Georgia. You can get around the whole city by public transport. In Tbilisi there is a city market five times a week where you can buy everything you need. If you go to Tbilisi, I advise you to visit the mountains of the High Caucasus during your stay, which separate Asia from Europe. You will be amazed! Upper Svanetia is also worth seeing as it has managed to preserve its customs and traditions, which is splendid to see! As you will have understood, Tbilisi is an excellent city to go and do your BTS CI internship, especially as, like most capitals, many companies are present in the city. 

Do your BTS CI internship in Batoumi 

Batumi is located a little over 300 km from Tbilisi. It is a tourist city, especially because of its port, which is the main port of Georgia. In Batumi there are museums such as the Museum of Adjarian Archaeology. The Cathedral of Our Lady is one of the most beautiful monuments in the Caucasus. Destroyed in 1937 and rebuilt in 1989, the cathedral has a Gothic architecture. Apart from the historical monuments, you can also visit the various gardens in the city. If you like to party, you will also have a lot of fun during your free time in Batumi. The strategic place to party is the Batumi Maritime Park, where there is always a festive atmosphere. For all the reasons mentioned above, Batumi is a strategic place to do your BTS CI internship. 

Do your BTS CI internship in Koutaïssi

Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia, has a very old-world charm. Kutaisi is a charming town with a village atmosphere, especially during the afternoon “siesta” when the streets are very quiet. Your BTS CI internship is waiting for you in Koutaïssi, especially as it is a city with a commercial crossroads thanks to the Rioni river. You will therefore find your happiness! 

We had a big crush on Georgia and even more so on these three cities which are ideal for your BTS CI internship. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!