Do your BTS CI internship in Norway! The country of the great north! Fans of history, Vikings, fjords, hiking, skiing and fishing. If you want to combine sport and culture with your BTS CI internship abroad, this is the place to be.

Do your BTS CI internship in Oslo

The city of eclecticism with a chill atmosphere. Not too spread out, it’s hard to get lost in Oslo. Remember to stroll through Karl Johans Gate after your day of prospecting, you’ll love these local Champs Elysées. Economically, the city accounts for 25% of the national GDP. The maritime sector is in pole position. This is a great place to do an internship.

Do your BTS CI internship in Bergen

Located in the south-east of Norway, Bergen is beau-ti-ful. In the heart of the mountains and fjords, this is the city for you if you want to get away from your urban life during your internship in Norway. Otherwise, the fjord capital offers great opportunities around its port, which was once the most important in Northern Europe.

Do your BTS CI internship in Trondheim

The gastronomic capital of the country! Do you like to eat fish? Go for it! Trondheim will be the best city for your BTS CI internship. The country’s third largest city is waiting for you. It is a coastal city with an unbeatable charm, and you will love to walk around after your internship day. I recommend that you lose yourself in the historic district of Bakklandet. Professionally, the city is geared towards the tech industry, which is a source of opportunities for your internship!

Norway is an excellent choice for your BTS CI internship! You now know more about this destination! Do you want to try it? It’s over here