Do your BTS CI internship in Portugal: it’s possible Portugal is an incredible country, it’s close to France and it’s still very affordable and by far the cheapest in the nearby countries. Internship abroad, sun and relaxation: Todo Bem. 

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Lisbon!

In addition to its attractive prices, the capital, Lisbon, offers many other advantages, such as its proximity to the beaches, or its many places to go out and party all night on weekends to unwind from your week of internship in Portugal. Lisbon is the ideal destination to combine skills and outings, internship and culture: you will have a blast.

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Porto! 

For me it’s THE nicest city in Portugal. I love Porto: you have the Douro river with all the nice little bars in town, cheap and excellent restaurants, people everywhere, it’s lively, it’s beautiful, it’s cheap and sunny. In short, Porto is psartek 😀 Plus, there are lots of little improvised street concerts in the evening, so you’ll never get bored!

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI in Faro!

Faro, heading south for your internship abroad in Portugal. Faro is the smallest of the 3 big Portuguese cities, but you have many direct connections from France, and it’s very very nice. It is very hot in the summer, even from April, so don’t go if you can’t stand the heat. However, if you want a coastal, festive and sunny city: welcome to Porto 😀

If you want to do your BTS CI internship in Portugal, International Horizons and its team can find your internship abroad, in compliance with the academic requirements of the BTS CI: go ahead and contact us!