Doing your BTS CI internship in Romania is great. Life is very cheap, including rent. It is a Latin culture and very welcoming, and the country is very diverse and offers incredible riches, sumptuous landscapes and surprising encounters. 

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Bucharest!

Bucharest is great. One small drawback is that since the COVID, the capital has crashed and burned economically, but, like other European countries, Romania is recovering and becoming dynamic again. The capital is divided into several districts, and everything is centralised in the old town for outings. Bucharest is great.

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, direction Timisoara! 

Timisoara is THE student city par excellence in Romania, there is a huge ERASMUS population that comes to do their academic semester here. Timisoara offers a great comfort of life: a big city on a human scale. With a little courage, you can do everything on foot. It offers a multitude of possibilities for internships, and it is even cheaper than Bucharest: go for it.  

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, towards Constanta!

THE coastal city of Romania. It is a large Romanian seaside resort located on the Black Sea. The city offers many possibilities in import-export, especially with its commercial port, and its exchanges with the countries that share the Black Sea. In addition to the unbeatable rental rates, it is one of the cheapest cities that International Horizons offers, so if you want to go out, do an internship and relax on a budget, head to Constanta for your internship abroad in Romania.

If you want to do your BTS CI internship in Romania International Horizons and its team can find your internship abroad, in compliance with the academic requirements of the BTS CI: go ahead and contact us!