It is possible to do your BTS CI internship in Slovakia, and there are many advantages in this small Central European country. So, to discover them, read these few lines and enjoy yourself. 

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Bratislava!

In Slovakia, International Horizons only works in Bratislava: there are direct lines, and that is enough to fully enjoy the small country. The first big advantage of Slovakia is its price. Much less expensive than Prague – since it is much less touristic -, it is the cheapest capital in Central Europe. Less touristy, therefore less French: you will gain English skills like never before. 

Slovakia also has the advantage of a great location. Bored at the weekend? Go and visit Prague, Vienna or Budapest. All these capitals are in the direct vicinity of Slovakia, and can be reached by bus, train or, for the more adventurous, by hitchhiking (tested and approved by the team!). 

Plus, Slovakia is quite a differentiator on your resume since very few people know about this country. Going there also shows your desire to get out of your comfort zone, while going to a city close to France; don’t worry, even if it is less dynamic than Prague, Bratislava offers enough bars, cultural outings and other events to never get bored during your internship abroad! 

If you want to do your BTS CI internship in Slovakia, International Horizons and its team can find your internship abroad, in compliance with the academic requirements of the BTS CI: go ahead and contact us!