BTS CI internship in Spain: here we go! You feel ready for your first experience abroad and you have chosen the country of Nadal as your destination. Congratulations, you didn’t make a mistake! You’ve made the choice to combine work and sun, and frankly it smells like the sea spray from here.  

But what are the good reasons to do an internship in Spain? 


Hola, Que tal, I hope you have a better grasp of Spanish than this for your internship in Spain. Spanish people are not experts in English, so forget your LV1 and use your best Spanish accent.  

A slightly different lifestyle 

During your experience in Spain, you will see some cultural shocks that may surprise you at first, but don’t go to China either. Spanish people are not on the same time schedule as us when it comes to meal times, ahaha. Meals are often quite late, whether it’s lunch or dinner (it will be a change from grandma and grandpa’s house). 

Spanish companies 

For your B.T.S. C.I. internship, the company you will be working for will certainly be different from a company in France. The hours vary, the Spanish often start work a little later and finish earlier (slowly in the morning, not too quickly in the evening). Don’t be surprised if the company closes at 4pm, this will give you time to go to the beach to work on your tan this time! 

The weather

The Spanish climate varies quite a lot depending on the city you choose for your internship abroad. In the North, you will find a climate similar to that of France, while in the South it is more of a muy calor, muy la playa kind of climate. Spaniards often go to bed later, so a Spanish siesta will be the best way for you to recover your sleep. 

You now know more about your future BTS CI internship in Spain! If you are interested in the adventure of an internship abroad, do not hesitate to contact us ?