Here we go! That moment when you wonder where you’re going to do your BTS CI internship. Do you want to combine a love of electro harcore music with a love of Formula 1 and cycling? The Netherlands is the destination. Let me introduce you to the International Horizons cities.

Do your BTS CI internship in Amsterdam

The capital! Amsterdam is beautiful with its canals and world famous museums. Don’t hesitate to abuse the bicycle during your BTC CI course in Amsterdam. It is the best way to discover the city. Culturally very interesting, it’s great to walk around and get lost in the neighbourhoods. 

Do your BTS CI internship in Rotterdam

The second largest city in the country! Self-proclaimed maritime capital of Europe, its port is the largest in Europe. I won’t draw you a picture of the kind of solid import-export internship you can do there for your second year of the BTS CI. Rotterdam is a quiet city, oriented towards ecology and digital technology. It’s a good place to live and I can only recommend the rooftop barbecues that are very popular there. 

Do your BTS CI internship in The Hague

A coastal town on the North Sea, it is the only one in the country with a beach on the North Sea! City of gouda and chic hotels, enjoy the Dutch fast life. The Hague is known for its highly developed political life and service economy, ideal for your internship abroad in the BTS CI. 

The Netherlands is a pioneer in environmental issues and is well worth a look when looking for an affordable internship in the north. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us!