Do your BTS CI internship in Tunisia is a good idea. But where to go? Don’t say more, I’ll show you :

Do your BTS CI internship in Tunis

Tunis the capital. The most populated city in Tunisia. It’s by the sea, which makes it an ideal location for an IMEX course and to enjoy the beach. Also check out the city’s must-sees: the medina, the Bardo museum, the ruins of Carthage… You will have so much to discover.

Do your BTS CI internship in Sfax

It is the country’s second largest city and the economic centre of Tunisia. Its port is also rich in potential internship opportunities. The city is known for its export of fish and oil all over the world. Think about visiting the Kerkennah Islands during your internship and you won’t regret it. 

Do your BTS CI internship in Monastir

Historic city! Loaded with monuments, each more beautiful than the next, Monastir is a fabulous mix of tradition with the openness of modernity. If like me you like to do your queen, you will spend your time at the Marina which is a must. Go and see the Ribat which is the most imposing in the country.

We loved Tunisia and we have been there so many times that we can only recommend it to you! If you call us, we’ll tell you all about Tunis, Sfax or Monastir, for your internship abroad! So for your internship in Tunisia: contact us!