Hello, are you preparing your BTS SAM internship abroad? You don’t know which country to go to? You’ve thought of several countries but you’re looking for others before deciding? LET’S GO! I can tell you why it would be cool to do your internship in Hungary! 

A great way to improve your English

In Hungary, the language used by 97% of the population is Hungarian. If you don’t speak Hungarian, it is possible to do your internship in Hungary as many young people nowadays speak English or German. You might have some difficulties with the older people but Hungarians like to exchange and help so they will try to understand. I would still advise you to learn the basic Hungarian words, especially to be able to order in restaurants as most of the maps are not translated into English. 

Breathtaking landscapes 

In Hungary and especially in Budapest, the architecture of the monuments is really exceptional. Walking around the cities, you will see monuments with a baroque style mixed with monuments with a more modern style. You will also find roofs with multiple colours. If you go to Budapest, you will also be able to contemplate the Danube, which gives a particular and romantic atmosphere to the city as it crosses it entirely. 

Enjoying life

The purpose of an internship abroad is of course to gain professional experience and improve your language skills, but it is also a way to enjoy and live exceptional adventures. Hungary is a great country for this! You can go to festivals or party in unusual and original places. In Hungary, many bars open in disused places. What a great experience, right? For those who are not so keen on partying, or if you just want to relax in your free time, you can enjoy the thermal waters in the spas that are present in every city in the country. 

Hungary is really a great way to get out of your comfort zone and have a great internship thanks to the many things to do and discover! If this country has convinced you, contact us and we will organise your tailor-made internship!