First of all, happy new year! We hope that this year 2023 will be full of good surprises for you! And for this first article of 2023 : Doing your BTS SAM internship in Latvia! Why not. Latvia is a very beautiful country, small, but with an incredible architecture, a fascinating history, and especially a lot of things to do! You are in BTS SAM and you are still hesitating? A bit of reading, and you will decide inshallah for Latvia.

An English-speaking BTS SAM course 

Because yes, in Latvia they speak Latvian, but unfortunately nobody learns Latvian except in the country, so I might as well tell you that they master English as well as Madame Guernalec in 6ème2 Talma Represent : it’s a hindrance in English, it goes to the cinema in English. In short, you’ll have no difficulty learning or improving it, and making friends on the spot to go and skim the good terraces of Riga and, above all, work and learn.

Advantages of Latvia

Besides the fact that it’s chillax, Latvia is a very tolerant country (well, let’s not lie, except with the Russians): 33% of its population is stateless – and they’re not LOL! – so I might as well tell you that being intolerant is complicated. If you are racist, or frustrated – first of all, you have to think better to realise that life is good – and then, Latvia, you forget. Besides this tolerance, Latvia has the advantage of being very cheap: it’s a Baltic country, and even if Estonia’s and Latvia’s living standards are close to the best in Europe, the cost of living is not expensive for a French person. In addition, very few ERASMUS from the West choose this destination, so it’s a nice differentiating element on your C.V.


Y en a pas. There is not. No hay. Niente. There, it’s said. 

The more I go to Latvia, the more I like it. The capital is a small Paris on a human scale, cosmopolitan and with an architecture that you will only see in this country, so to go and do your B.T.S. S.A.M internship: contact us!