Do your engineering internship in Norway. You are an engineering student and you are attracted to northern countries, so you naturally thought of Norway. Do you want to know more? La oss gå!

Why do an engineering internship in Norway?

Norwegian industries are really demanding for university educated engineering profiles. Norway in short, it is a very developed quality of life. Access to nature and a good work/life balance. An ideal setting for your internship indeed, but as you can imagine, it comes at a price and it is expensive. Norway has a high cost of living. 

Do an engineering internship in Norway: When?

Team summer or winter Norway offers its best all year round. Keep in mind that not all regions are accessible in winter. Generally speaking, there is no “dead” period in Norway, so you can do your engineering internship there at any time. Of course the continental climate is quite different from the mainland.

Do an engineering internship in Norway: The premises

Even if Norwegians are very nice and respect is rooted in their culture, integrating and making friends is not the easiest thing. The codes and the society are not based on the same principle as in France, a culture shock to live, but now that you are warned you will be able to apprehend it correctly.

You are now more informed than ever about your engineering internship in Norway, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate: contact us!