Do your engineering internship in Tunisia! A good human and professional experience outside Europe! Let me tell you about it.

Do your engineering internship in Tunisia: Life

You will love Tunisia. If you have ever considered doing an engineering internship in Tunisia, the following reasons will certainly convince you:

The weather is superb. Summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy, and spring and autumn are beautiful. The temperature during these times of the year varies between (16°C and 29°C). It is neither too hot nor too cold, but just right!

The food is delicious everywhere! There are many different foods from many different places in the world, like France and Italy for example.

Tunisians are very nice. So staying together after the end of each day before going home in the evening will be a common thing 🙂

Do an engineering internship in Tunisia: The language

Language is not a problem in Tunisia. It is easy to learn and there are many people who speak English, French, Arabic and Italian.

Living conditions are very different from those in Europe. The food is not the same, and the weather is generally pleasant. The culture can also be very different and you need to know how to behave in certain situations (such as when you eat at a Tunisian family’s home or during Ramadan). There are no big shopping centres, only small shops where you can find everything, but the prices are different compared to France.

Why do your engineering internship in Tunisia?

Tunisia is an ideal place to do an internship for several reasons. Firstly, it is a safe and easy country to visit as a student. It is also rich in history, with a unique culture and way of life. In addition, it offers many opportunities for personal development, whether you want to learn about local history or gain practical experience of building bridges and roads on a construction site. In addition, Tunisia has many beautiful beaches along its coast that you can visit during your stay!

Tunisia is a country full of diverse landscapes, beautiful cities and friendly people. It is also the country that gave us the very first African Nobel Prize winner, Albert Camus. Tunisian culture is strongly influenced by European and Arab traditions, which gives it a unique identity. If you are looking for an internship in Tunisia to learn more about its history and culture while bonding with the local population in this friendly nation, contact us!