Cyprus, a Mediterranean country, is still too often forgotten as a destination for internships abroad, and yet it has a lot to offer. This country benefits from many assets thanks to its maritime facades, but not only that: to do your engineering school work placement in Cyprus, it is possible.

There is something for everyone!

Besides Nicosia, the capital, Cyprus can offer all the necessary comfort, for all tastes: Lanarca for the party, Olympus for the nature lovers, Paphos for the sumptuous landscapes, and many others! Cyprus is a mixture of populations, just like its cities, and people are therefore very tolerant: no worries about racism, Muslims and Catholics live together without any problem. Indeed, Nicosia the capital is divided into Turkish and “Greek” sides (the Cypriots say so!), and the populations are therefore mixed, beyond the political ups and downs which only concern them a little. Unfortunately, the side managed by Turkey remains much poorer than the side that joined the European Union.

It’s easy

Indeed, Cyprus is in the European Union, so to do your engineering school work placement in Cyprus, no administrative worries: no need to have visas or any other expenses that will add to those of the rent; it is the Union, so no problem to move freely. Cyprus is not yet overrun by tourists, so you will be able to find accommodation much more easily than in Malta for example. 

You can even travel 

In addition to Greece, which is just a ferry ride away, and Turkey, which is just a few steps away once you cross the border, you can even take a boat and spend a weekend in Lebanon, that incredible country. Cyprus is a guarantee of a sunny internship, and of meeting very friendly people. We agree!

If you are still hesitating about your engineering school work placement destination abroad, don’t hesitate to contact someone from the team.