What’s it like to do your engineering school work placement in Georgia? Well, hang on to your seat, buddy, because Georgia is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. And, in addition to the beauty of its landscape, Georgia offers a lot of opportunities. 

Everything is great

The capital, of course, is incredible with its old town full of charm, but the other cities like Kutaisi, Kobuleti, Batumi … have nothing to envy it! Batumi, it’s a city out of the ground: brand new buildings, you think you’re in Miami, the temperature is at its best from April to October. Kutaisi is also very nice: a very large old town, it’s cheap, and the nightlife is great. Like Batumi, the city is quite university so there are a lot of young people, and they speak English very well. The new generation of 20/35 year olds in Georgia is very educated (in the study sense!) and very dynamic. 

It’s easy

Georgia is easy for everything. Besides the ease of coming to the country, flights are cheap and there are no administrative procedures to do an internship there. The people are very approachable, so there is no difficulty to integrate and meet people: the older people, in general, do not speak English but communicate anyway: and that’s fine! And I assure you, it’s real life: we even had a restaurant owner who imitated animals to explain the menu to us (I speak Georgian…). And mega advantage: the lowest crime rate in Europe, which is quite something, when you see that most French cities are at the top of the list. 

What about internships?

In Georgia, you can do anything: their economy is developing more and more despite the Russian intrusion (it’s swinging!) and engineering profiles are in relatively high demand (as everywhere else, you may say). So don’t limit yourself: everything is possible.

If you are still hesitating about your engineering school internship destination in Georgia, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss it 🙂