Doing a BTS CI internship in Hungary is life! International Horizons has been working with Hungary for a few years now and knows the country well: Theo has been there in the middle of Coronavirus ( D: ) and Sébastien several times since 2011; we have mastered it. So, why do his BTS CI internship in Hungary? 

Hungary is cheap 

It’s one of the most affordable countries in the European Union: it’s really cheap, whether it’s going out, accommodation or transport! You are not going to blow your budget by going there and your banker and/or your parents will be very grateful. What’s more, the country is very (too?) safe, so there’s little chance of getting in trouble: no worries!

Hungary, in pre-season, it’s the best. 

Winters are very dynamic, minus the summer. So the period of May / June is ideal: it’s the end of classes in Hungary, the streets are full of young people of your age, and you will appreciate the many terms that offer parties until the end of the night! Budapest, in the early season, it’s festivals, big terraces: we love it!

Hungary is not recommended to …

Nevertheless, Hungary remains a country that unfortunately “reserves” itself for a certain population: it is better to go there being white, hetero-standardised; otherwise, meetings will be more difficult. We strongly advise people of colour, or claiming their homosexuality to go somewhere else than Budapest: the country is not dangerous, but the population will unfortunately not make your experience pleasant. If racism and homophobia are represented in France, it’s an understatement to say that it’s not the case in Hungary, especially since Victor Oban took power. 

So, Hungary is yes, but rather to Budapest for an enjoyable experience! Ask us, the Team will be able to advise you the best places and best practices 🙂 We will also be able to de/advise you if you tell us your personal situation : see you soon for your internship in Europe !