Hello dear student! If you’ve chosen to read this article, it’s probably because you’re interested in the possibility of doing your BTS CI (International Commerce) internship in the beautiful Baltic States. And you’re right, because this region is full of opportunities and discoveries to be made! The Baltic States, made up of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, are located in north-eastern Europe and have become a popular destination for international business students. Whether you’re studying for a BTS CI or a similar degree, an internship in the Baltic States can offer you an enriching experience on many levels.

First and foremost, the Baltic States are renowned for their economic dynamism. These countries have undergone an impressive transformation since their independence over twenty years ago. They have rapidly adapted to the challenges of globalization and developed competitive economies, mainly focused on the IT, logistics and financial services sectors. Your internship in this region will allow you to witness this remarkable economic development and gain practical experience in a stimulating, English-speaking professional environment! You don’t need to know any of the Baltic languages to integrate successfully: people here generally speak impeccable English.

In addition to their economic advantages, the Baltic States offer a pleasant and attractive living environment. Whether you choose to do your internship in Tallinn in Estonia, Riga in Latvia or Vilnius in Lithuania, you’ll be surrounded by a rich history, vibrant culture and remarkable architectural heritage. You’ll have the opportunity to explore charming medieval towns, visit fascinating museums and enjoy the unspoilt nature that characterizes this region. What’s more, the Baltic States are known for their warm welcome and open-mindedness, which will make it easier for you to integrate and form lasting bonds. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Baltic States are ideally located for exploring other European countries. Thanks to their strategic geographical position, you’ll be able to travel easily to other popular destinations, whether in Scandinavia, Central Europe or Russia. You’ll be able to broaden your cultural and professional horizons while making the most of your weekends or days off.

Doing your BTS CI internship in the Baltic States is an excellent decision. You’ll be able to develop your professional skills in a dynamic economic context, enjoy a pleasant living environment and discover a unique culture. So don’t hesitate, embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Baltic States and prepare yourself for an experience that will leave its mark on your career as an international business student.

An internship in Estonia

So, why choose Estonia for your BTS CI internship? Well, there are several reasons that make Estonia particularly interesting.

First of all, Estonia is often dubbed “Digital Estonia” due to its innovative approach to technology. The country is known for being at the forefront of e-governance, cybersecurity and tech start-ups. By doing your internship in Estonia, you’ll have the opportunity to work in an advanced digital environment and discover the latest trends in information and communication technologies. This can be extremely rewarding for an international business student, as you’ll gain valuable skills and expertise in the field of digital business transformation.

What’s more, Estonia is a member of the European Union and the euro zone, making it a strategic entry point for trade with EU countries. The country benefits from a favorable geographical position, offering opportunities for collaboration with international companies. Many foreign companies have also established their headquarters or service centers in Estonia, creating a multicultural business environment conducive to learning and intercultural exchange.

Estonia also offers a pleasant living environment for students. The country is renowned for its high quality of life, unspoilt nature and warm welcome. The capital, Tallinn, is a charming medieval city offering a unique combination of modernity and historical traditions. You can enjoy a vibrant cultural scene, festivals, restaurants, lively cafés and plenty of green spaces to relax and recharge your batteries.

Finally, Estonia encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, which can be a source of inspiration for an international business student. The country boasts a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem and business incubators that encourage the creation of start-ups and the realization of innovative projects. Taking part in an internship in Estonia will enable you to observe this entrepreneurial mentality up close and develop your skills in innovation and business creation.

All in all, Estonia offers a favorable environment for professional development, an advanced digital culture, international business opportunities and a high quality of life. So, if you’re looking for a unique and stimulating internship experience, Estonia could be the place for you! An internship in Estonia is bound to be a successful experience.

An internship in Lithuania

Lithuania offers many interesting opportunities for international business students. First of all, the country has experienced significant economic growth since joining the European Union in 2004. It has a strong, diversified economy, focused on sectors such as information technology, logistics, biotechnology and financial services. Your internship in Lithuania will enable you to gain practical experience in a dynamic and constantly evolving business environment.

Another advantage of Lithuania is its strategic geographical position. Situated at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, it offers easy access to markets in the European Union, Scandinavia and the former Soviet Union. Lithuania also has well-developed seaports and a modern transport infrastructure, making it a key logistics centre for international trade. Working in this context will give you an in-depth understanding of cross-border business operations and the logistical challenges faced by international companies.

Lithuania also offers a pleasant living environment for students. Vilnius, the capital, is a dynamic, cultural city with a rich historical heritage. It is home to numerous museums, theaters and art galleries, as well as festivals and cultural events throughout the year. The cost of living in Lithuania is generally lower than in other European countries, which can be a financial advantage for student interns.

Lithuania also places great importance on education and research. The country boasts a number of quality universities offering study programs in various fields, including international business. Working alongside Lithuanian professionals and studying in a stimulating academic environment can help enrich your internship experience and develop your skills and knowledge.

Finally, Lithuania is renowned for its warm and welcoming people. Lithuanians are generally open to intercultural exchange and are often willing to help foreign students integrate. So you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your internship in Lithuania.

An internship in Latvia

Latvia offers many advantages for international business students. First and foremost, the country has a growing economy, with a diversified industrial base and expanding sectors such as information technology, financial services, logistics and tourism. Your internship in Latvia will enable you to gain practical experience in a dynamic business environment and participate in the country’s economic development opportunities.

Latvia also benefits from a strategic geographical position, being situated at the crossroads between Western and Eastern Europe. This makes it an important connection point for trade between these regions. What’s more, the country is a member of the European Union and the euro zone, making it easy to do business with other member countries. Working in this context will enable you to develop an in-depth understanding of international trade dynamics and strengthen your international business skills.

Latvia also offers an attractive living environment for students. Riga, the capital, is a lively and culturally rich city, with magnificent architecture, fascinating museums and a vibrant nightlife. The city is also home to several renowned universities and business schools, offering a stimulating academic environment for international business students. What’s more, the cost of living in Latvia is generally affordable compared to other European countries, which can be a financial advantage for student interns.

In addition, Latvia is known for its welcoming, multicultural population. Latvians are generally open to intercultural exchange and will be delighted to share their culture and traditions with foreign students. This will enable you to immerse yourself in Latvian society, make lasting friendships and develop your intercultural communication skills.

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