Doing a BTS CI internship in the Baltic States: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. These 3 Eastern European countries were still unknown a few years ago in Western Europe, and yet, they are in the Union, some have the Euro and from Beauvais, you can go for 36€ round trip to Vilnius! Then GO!

An internship in Estonia
In Estonia they mainly speak Estonian and Russian, but the main cities use English so you will be easily understood. Don’t worry about that: Estonia is a modern and dynamic country. Even though Estonia has recently adopted the Euro, the cost of living is – much much much – cheaper than in France. It is a recent country (100 years in 2018!) Even if it is home to the oldest universities in Europe! Moreover, the festivities of its centenary will be held until the beginning of 2020, they are carried out by the Estonians themselves. It is definitely the right timing to go there for an internship abroad! Moreover, the Estonians are very welcoming. Then, from Estonia you can easily spend a few days in the other Baltic countries or take a ferry to Helsinki in Finland. If you speak Finnish or Russian, Estonia is THE perfect destination for your BTS CI internship.

An internship in Lithuania
Vilnius, its capital, is a hyper cosmopolitan city and the Old Town is the largest in Eastern Europe. Improve your English with a small budget for an internship abroad, you’ve got it all right here is where you need to go (you note all these beautiful rhymes inserted for the comfort of your reading!). Lithuania is very centralized on two cities: Vilnius, the capital, and Kaunas, a very student city, which has undergone great transformations since it became the European Capital of Culture: they are both very dynamic. Any slack during your internship abroad? Come and take advantage of the many spas that are being built and discover their little secret: amber! Lithuania, on a personal basis – Seb – I advise it, if only for one thing, culture. The city is home to many museums and offers a different view of the Second World War; in particular, we learn that Stalin was no less cruel than Hitler.

An internship in Latvia
Like the other two Baltic countries, Latvia is ideal for tight budgets: take a €2.50 mojito in the city centre, I don’t refuse. Riga, its capital will make you kiffer culturally speaking: its architectural heritage is medieval, for its major part, two of its districts are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s certainly not here that you’ll say no to a little visit! These key words: Authentic, Modern and bucolic. If you are lucky enough to go away in the summer, you can enjoy Riga’s coastline and its sea. Riga is certainly the westernmost of the three Baltic capitals, it has some great brands, and part of its architecture is reminiscent of Paris.

To do your BTS CI internship in the Baltic countries, just send us your CV in English, making sure that you have an internship agreement beforehand to do your internship abroad! *Leaving without it is illegal* ! And you can contact us directly at ?

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