Doing a BTS SAM internship in Italy is more than possible! It’s even a very good idea! The country of the combined sun

A first professional experience, not too far from mom and dad. 

The Italians are kind but it’s always more reassuring when you’re not too far from your soft cocoon for a first mobility. Italy is also a more original choice than the United Kingdom or Ireland. The country is great, every street corner is a marvel, and if you are lucky enough to go to the seaside, you can really enjoy the idleness and the famosa dolce vita.

The land of gastronomy 

Combining internship and fun is a must! Moreover Italy is an ideal destination to eat like jaja and fill your belly. Everything is absolutely delicious, frankly take the time to taste everything and be curious. If you want to know more about the Italian gastro check out our article about it.

A multi-faceted country

The cultural difference with France is very big, each region has its own specificities. The local customs are numerous and you will never get bored. All the landscapes are accessible in Italy, and they are very varied: from the mountains to the sea, through the vineyards… 

An internship in Europe 

To go to Italy, you don’t need a passport or a visa from France! The local currency is the euro, which makes it easier to trade with shopkeepers. However, forget your credit card in the south of Italy: Most payments are made in cash. 

You now have an overview of the basics to know for your BTS SAM internship in Italy, if you want to know more, discuss your project with a member of the team, it’s this way.