Doing a BTS SAM internship in Slovakia: a good idea, isn’t it? We are always here to help and advise you on YOUR dream destination for your internship abroad. Come on, let’s go, you’ll need 5 minutes to read it in top time.

Doing a BTS SAM internship in Slovakia, direction Bratislava!

Bratislava is the former capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. It is located on both banks of the Danube and is divided into a medieval centre and Soviet-era building bars on the other side of the bank. To accommodate you, Staré Mesto: it is the central district with very beautiful apartments. Living in a shared flat could save you a little bit, but the rents are really cheap (you can find around 200-300) euros like its neighbour Vienna, 60km away. Besides, many Slovaks buy their house in Bratislava and go to work in Vienna. Thanks to the new motorway, only 30 minutes by car separate the two capitals.

Do your BTS SAM internship in Slovakia, direction Kosice!

Kosice is the country’s second largest city with 238,000 inhabitants. It’s a beautiful city that remains well centered in Europe and can serve as a starting point for a lot of countries in the surrounding area (Budapest is really right next door). Accommodation can be found from 100 euros and food prices are very affordable. You can get by with 500 euros per month including accommodation and some travel. There are quite a few Erasmus students here and it’s a great place to go out and travel.

Do your BTS SAM internship in Slovakia, direction Nitra!

Nitra is one of the big cities of the country. It is called the “mother of Slovak cities” because of its tormented past. The cost of living is low as everywhere in Slovakia, for 300 or 400 euros life is quiet. People speak a lot of English and there are a lot of students, you won’t get bored!

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