Doing an internship at an engineering school in Croatia: combining visits to medieval towns and villages, lazing on beaches with clear waters and an internship abroad? It’s possible by going to do your engineering school work placement in Croatia! GO for your internship abroad

GO for your internship abroad

Doing a work placement at an engineering school in Croatia: why?

It is possible to get a job after your internship in Croatia. Croatia is now focusing on jobs for Croatians because of the large emigration of its population to find work abroad. In order to occupy certain jobs, the employer must demonstrate that a Croatian cannot hold it. But many positions are available for professions such as doctors, architects, language teachers, but also civil or mechanical engineers! An internship at an engineering school in Croatia is therefore completely possible for you!

Work placement in Croatia: working hours and visa

During your traineeship in Croatia you will have rather strict working conditions: on average about 40 hours per week, and no more than 180 hours of overtime allowed per year. You can work without a work visa if you are going to Croatia for less than 90 days (for almost all EU countries), beyond that you will have to deal with the administration! But that can be done on the spot of course. We still recommend to prepare this in advance.

Doing an internship at an engineering school in Croatia: salary and cost of living

The average salary in Croatia is around 500 euros, but this obviously varies depending on the sector and the city. You earn much more if you work as an engineer in Zagreb than if you work as a waiter for a summer in Dubrovnik. There is no obligation to pay trainees, but the employer may give a bonus. A civil engineer can earn up to 3000 or 4000 euros! We negotiate all this for you ;). The cost of living in Croatia is also about 40% cheaper: cigarette packets are about 4 euros, prices in supermarkets like Lidl are significantly cheaper, and for housing you can get by with between 300 and 400 euros in the centre!

If you have any further questions, please contact us for your internship at an engineering school in Croatia.

GO for your internship abroad