Doing an engineering internship abroad, in Bulgaria: excellent idea. Not only is the country nice, as well as the local prices, but most importantly, the country has a serious shortage of engineers. So you will have a wide choice for your internship in Bulgaria! The only difficulty in Bulgaria, but a major one: finding an English-speaking team haha. But that’s our job! First of all, you will have to define what interests you: if you come to work in aeronautics in Bulgaria, it’s not the best lease, on the other hand, engineering internships in Bulgaria can largely address: home automation, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering! 

Doing an engineering internship abroad in Bulgaria – Domotics 

It is one of the major home automation countries in Europe. In addition, Sofia, the capital city, hosts every year the largest home automation fair in the Eastern European Union. The previous government had indeed launched massive investments in home automation, and many companies were able to seize it. International Horizons benefits from numerous contacts in the field in Sofia, Plovdiv or Varna!

Doing an engineering internship abroad, in Bulgaria – Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical engineering is the most taught type of engineering in the country, and therefore one of the most sought-after, also in Bulgaria. In this field, the internship will most likely be in Varna, which is home to the majority of companies that call on mechanical engineers. No stress: second largest city, seaside resort, we’re not bad! The fields of application are related to the automotive industry and maritime transport. 

Doing an engineering internship abroad in Bulgaria – computer engineering 

Historically, Bulgarian computer engineers are among the best in the world. For example, ATANASOV is the inventor of … the computer! D The universities all offer advanced training in the field, and the fields of application are very broad: a vast spectrum of internships abroad is in the offing. 

Thus, Doing an engineering internship abroad, in Bulgaria: it’s possible! And we even recommend it: beyond these fields of engineering, the country will offer many advantages such as the cheapest standard of living in the Union, or even trips to Greece or Romania at mini prices, to enjoy the weekend!