Doing an engineering internship in Mauritius: why not combine lazing around and an internship abroad? Mauritius is very demanding in terms of engineering profile: the team can find you the internship abroad that perfectly matches your expectations! Here is a list – not exhaustive – of what your engineering internship in Mauritius entails! 

Doing an engineering internship in Mauritius: don’t forget the visa 

Because yes, despite its proximity to Reunion Island, the French are not exempt from visa requirements in Mauritius! It is important to be prepared in advance for internships of more than 90 days, as the visa can be relatively long to obtain. Don’t worry: you will be given everything you need to set it up, and the time needed to obtain it. 

Doing an engineering internship in Mauritius: a multitude of possibilities

In addition to the obvious maritime engineering aspect, many sectors are affordable in Mauritius, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering, renewable energies, fluid mechanics, transport and aeronautics. Indeed, despite its status as the flagship school campus of Africa, engineering schools are slow to establish themselves on the island, unlike business or hotel schools (Coucou Vatel!): opportunities for an internship are therefore numerous!

Doing an engineering internship in Mauritius: the double language!

Mauritians are bilingual in French and English: don’t panic if you’re an English slouch, or if it makes you hot to have to spikeuh anglich! Indeed, most of the inhabitants are fluent in both languages, and both are used in everyday life: so you will be able to improve your level of English smoothly. 

In short, doing your engineering in Mauritius requires a bit of preparation and then having the internship of your dreams in a paradisiacal place: guaranteed idleness! So, to take advantage of your internship abroad in Africa, all you have to do is contact us at the International Horizons Team, we’ll take care of everything.