Doing your engineering school work placement in Bulgaria: combining idleness in Varna, culture in Sofia or beautiful cities like Plovdiv with your work placement abroad? It is quite possible. Bulgaria is a strategic choice for your budget, but also for your career.

Why do an engineering school work placement in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is a country in full economic development. So yes, there are some problems, and poverty, but … it tends to get better economically, salaries are increasing and people are doing more and more long studies. Bulgaria offers a variety of engineering internships, because of its geographical position but also because of its composition: the sea, the proximity to the mountains, sustainable development and energy policies launched with great fanfare, it’s THE time to go there. Plus, as few people other than Bulgarians speak the language, most of the young and middle-aged people speak excellent English, so there is no problem communicating and working, and also improving your understanding of the language of Shakespeare. 

Doing your engineering school work placement in Bulgaria: administrative and financial.

During your internship in Bulgaria, there are no administrative problems, no visas, it is very simple. And this is already a big advantage. In addition, the country is really cheap, especially for Western Europeans where the standard of living is much higher. Rents, whether in Sofia or elsewhere, are very affordable. And the cost of living in general is also very affordable: 1€ a pint, to give you the best student cost of living index in Bulgaria! So, doing your work placement abroad in Bulgaria is a big advantage for your wallet.

Doing an engineering school work placement in Bulgaria: what to do?

Besides visiting the cities of Sofia for the culture and sightseeing, Plovdiv which is absolutely superb or Varna for its beaches and its huge seaside resort, there are a lot of things to do in Bulgaria: hiking, boating, cultural visits or even try weightlifting, the national sport…! And if you want to go to the north of Greece or Macedonia, in less than 3 hours, everything is accessible. And, in this case, I advise you to go to Ohrid and its splendid lake, a transparent water and the mountains in the background. The best. 

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