Doing an engineering school work placement in Malta: it’s possible! As we know, the work placement is quite open. But why not combine school requirements with learning English? Malta is ideal for this: we have quite a few students who have left, and they have all been satisfied. Because Malta offers many opportunities for engineering school work placements abroad: home automation, aeronautics, IT, etc. Many fields are available for this first placement!

Doing an engineering school work placement in Malta

Malta is a baby archipelago in the Mediterranean, which is cradled between Italy, France and the Arab world. No worries about integration: Malta is the cosmopolitan country par excellence. There is also a large French community on the spot. The defect of the island is certainly the real estate which is relatively expensive, but otherwise the rest is relatively affordable and nice: it is beautiful, it is hot. Malta is ideal for strolling and partying! Malta, like Ibiza, Pula or Larnaca, is one of the European destinations to party in the summer. The people are smiling, it’s a great place to live. Beware however of boat parties: they are not very safe and drowning is not uncommon. In fact, some lawyers have even specialized in this type of case.

In what field should you do your internship at an engineering school in Malta?

There are two schools for that! Those who want to stay close to the engineering field, and those who really want to cut. For the former, it’s mainly in the aeronautical field, as a mechanic on planes, or in the maritime field. There are also internships in computer science, or even home automation: the country offers advantageous taxation to companies in this field, and many have set up their production plants in the country.

For the latter, we recommend Tourism or Art. These are two fields that are particularly active in the archipelago, and where there is always a need for Monde. The missions can be very varied, as can the working conditions: don’t forget that the main objective is to speak English, so you need an internship abroad with a maximum of customer contact.

In both cases International Horizons is here to help you: contact us and we will find you an internship in an engineering school in Malta.