Internship abroad in Fashion Marketing: Hello World, and hello to others. Every day, we receive your CVs for GO the internship abroad. For those of you who have not yet made contact, we’ll call you to discuss your internship project abroad (dates, destinations, duration, sector of activity, cough cough cough. ) We’re rather talkative in the team, and we try to direct your destis as well as possible according to your sector of activity. So here’s a little article on the best destis if you want to do an internship in Fashion Marketing.

Internship in Fashion Marketing in Italy
The obvious. Fashion starts in Italy first. So, for Italy, speaking Italian is not mandatory, even though it’s clearly a plus. Don’t panic, Corentin, we’ve already sent away students who didn’t speak a word. Luxury, glamour and fashion, especially cuckoo Milan.

Internship in Fashion Marketing in the UK
Funkier than the big Italian houses, the UK also has great opportunities for fashion internships, and if you want to do your internship in Marketing, that’s fine: there’s always demand.

Fashion Marketing Internship in Spain
Fashion in Spain, of course! Doing an internship in Marketing is totally possible. However, we’re not going to lie to each other: we’re clearly not speaking Spanish here. If you already speak English, that’s just perfect.

On the other hand, Malta, the Czech Republic or Portugal are not exactly countries renowned for their fashion industry. As a result, there are far fewer opportunities for your Fashion Marketing internship in these countries.

The best thing is that we discuss this together, and we will find the right destination for your project. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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