Doing an internship abroad without an internship agreement: you are many and numerous to ask us, we explain everything to you.

Doing an internship abroad without an internship agreement: it’s legal!
At least, in some countries. But, because yes there is a but, and as the great Ned Stark used to say “All there is before a but is m*”. We advise you not to do an internship abroad without an internship agreement for several reasons. 1) You are not covered in case of accidents at work or commuting accidents. To sum up, you break a leg at your workplace, you can do a loan over 3 generations. 2) It’s very complicated from a legal point of view, since many countries outside Europe don’t even recognize the internship as a contract.

What are the solutions without an internship agreement abroad?
Several! The easy solution is to pay 450€ to get an internship agreement, but first of all, it’s too expensive, and secondly, buying an internship agreement is illegal, as is the sale of any employment contract. In fact, you are buying a registration in a university, and not following the training.

On the other hand, for free, there are solutions, legal, and viable! If you are between 16 and 25 years old, you can get in touch with the Local Mission in your city: they deliver internship agreements. Some do it for foreigners, others are more cautious, but you can easily convince them, and if you can’t: we help you! Are you registered with Pôle Emploi? You can apply for a two-month internship agreement: in France or abroad.

If none of these solutions can be found, you can still work as a volunteer in an association abroad. And there are all kinds of volunteer missions: marketing, communication, finance, project management, teaching etc. The possibilities are numerous! And at least you will be covered.

What about you International Horizons?
Without an internship agreement, we don’t send you on an internship abroad. Above all, an experience abroad must be secure: we refuse applications without an internship agreement. But we will help you to get one, or find an association that matches your skill needs. To apply for an internship abroad, or for any information, contact us!

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