Do your BTS CI internship in Poland: it’s possible! Poland is cheap, it’s fun and it’s a great country to discover. In Warsaw alone, it is more than 10 times the size of Paris! Poland, despite the recent politics, is still a very nice and cheap country to discover.

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Warsaw!

In addition to its attractive prices, the capital Warsaw is one of the largest in Europe and is very attractive in Eastern Europe; it has and still benefits from important European funds to help its renovation and make it a living force of the European Union. Warsaw offers important opportunities for internships: it exports a lot abroad, it is the “attic” of Europe, along with France. 

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Gdansk! 

For me it’s THE nicest city in Poland. First of all, it’s on the sea, you have a big port (what could be better for import/export :D) and especially ferries that take you to visit Europe for cheap: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. For a country where you do your internship, you can take advantage of your weekends to visit others at very low prices! 

Do your internship abroad for your BTS CI, in Krakow!

The city in the middle! And, above all, Krakow is cheaper than Warsaw, and just as dynamic. It is a young city, one of the big ERASMUS + destinations in Eastern Europe. Krakow is also very pleasant to live in, on a human scale, but with many activities, cultural or not, to do.

If you want to do your BTS CI internship in Poland International Horizons and its team can find your internship abroad, in compliance with the academic expectations of the BTS CI: go ahead and contact us!