Doing your BTS IT internship in South Korea: it’s possible! For a short internship, don’t expect to be paid, however, apart from that: South Korea is a country to discover. From Seoul, or Busan, there are many things to discover. The country is not too expensive, you can eat in a restaurant for 2€ (yes yes! Kiki The Dictator and Rémito have explored the country for us, and can attest it to you!).

Do your internship abroad from BTS IT, direction Seoul!

Unavoidable Asian capital: Seoul was a village not 70 years ago – just like Cergy by the way! – and has become one of the world’s economic monsters. Today Seoul is recognized as THE capital at the cutting edge of technology but also of computer defense systems, cyber security. Doing your internship in Seoul means being at the heart of innovation, but also of the restaurant business: there are hundreds of restaurants offering street food at very low prices.

Do your internship abroad from BTS IT, direction Busan!

Second most bankable city in South Korea: you will be able to enjoy the Korean beaches and the 40°, the Korean barbecues on the beach and the parties with your feet in the water. Busan is a very dynamic city, which attracts more and more tourists every year. The city is relatively large and offers enough activities so that during your internship in Busan, you will never do the same thing twice!

Do your internship abroad from BTS IT, direction Daegu!

The city in the middle! It is between Busan and Seoul, in the Korean Lands. It’s one of the biggest cities in the country: like its two previous sisters, it will be impossible to get bored during your internship in South Korea if you decide to pack your bags in Daegu: the city is big, with a population that grows more and more every year; it’s young, it’s beautiful, we love it!

South Korea, for your BTS IT internship abroad, we validate large! You need to plan a small budget for everyday life, but nevertheless a good 400€ rent on the spot! For 1200€ you can do 2 months on the spot, enjoying yourself, travelling and without ever getting bored! For BTS IT internship in South Korea contact the team !