Doing your engineering internship in Greece? A great idea? Greece is slowly recovering from the economic downturn and offers opportunities in a variety of professions. Greece, the way to combine culture, relaxation, parties and skills development. 

Why do your engineering internship in Greece?

Greece has great potential in the fields of maritime, ecology, wildlife protection, electricity and transport. Greece is nice, besides the cultural aspect which is not to be boasted anymore, Greece is also the possibility of making trips in incredible landscapes, of idleness and of enjoying the numerous islands which make up Greece. It is also the possibility to party in the old cities or in the nightclubs that have nothing to envy to Ibiza. 

Doing an engineering internship in Greece: the cost of living

During your internship in Greece, the cost of living will be 45% lower than in France! The capital is obviously a little more expensive than the rest of the country but still very affordable. Thessaloniki, the second city, is very cheap: rent at 300 balls, cheap restaurants on the beach … a relatively idyllic setting that will delight your banker, your account and your parents.

Doing an engineering internship in Greece: the premises

Like most southern countries, Greeks are very friendly. This is a little less true in the big tourist areas, but Greeks are very approachable, good in English. They are very festive, and the culture is one of sharing: in restaurants, food is served in the middle of the table, and everyone takes a few portions from their individual plates. It’s very changeable, and above all very pleasant. 

So don’t hesitate for your internship in Greece, you will be as surprised as we are! No doubt you will have a good internship abroad there, we guarantee it. So contact us 😉