An engineering internship in Greece offers a unique opportunity to combine professional development with cultural discovery in a country rich in history and technology. Whether you’re passionate about renewable energy, infrastructure, telecommunications or any other area of engineering, Greece is full of exciting opportunities for students and young professionals.

As well as magnificent landscapes and iconic monuments, Greece offers an environment that is conducive to learning and professional fulfilment. This Mediterranean country combines tradition and innovation, making it an ideal place to develop your technical skills while immersing yourself in a rich and welcoming culture.

In this blog, we’ll explore different aspects of the experience of doing your engineering internship in Greece. We’ll cover topics such as the most popular engineering fields, the cost of living, career opportunities, working facilities, work culture and much more. Whether you’re considering an internship with a prestigious company in Athens, working on innovative engineering projects in Thessaloniki or contributing to technological development in Patras, this guide will give you a comprehensive overview of what you can expect.

Prepare to be immersed in a stimulating professional environment where you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice, collaborate with passionate professionals and gain valuable experience for your future career. Discover how Greece, with its rich history, emerging technology scene and welcoming culture, can provide you with a solid foundation for your professional and personal development.

Join us on a journey to the land of ancient gods, contemporary engineering challenges and endless opportunities for growth. May your internship in Greece be the step that propels your career to exciting new horizons and leaves an indelible mark on your engineering career.

Are you ready to explore the wonders of Greece and enjoy an unforgettable experience as a trainee engineer? Then read on and find out everything you need to know to make your internship in Greece a complete success!

An engineering internship in Greece: the main engineering fields

An engineering internship in Greece offers many opportunities in various fields of engineering. Here are some of the major engineering fields in which you could consider doing your internship in Greece:

  1. Civil engineering: Civil engineering is an important field in Greece, given the many construction and infrastructure projects underway. You could have the opportunity to take part in projects involving the design, construction or management of major civil works such as bridges, roads, buildings and coastal structures.
  2. Mechanical engineering: The manufacturing and machinery sectors in Greece offer exciting opportunities for mechanical engineering trainees. You could be involved in the design, manufacture or maintenance of machinery, industrial equipment or mechanical systems.
  3. Electrical and electronic engineering: With the rise of information and communications technologies, electrical and electronic engineering plays an essential role in Greece. You could work on projects related to telecommunications systems, on-board electronics, industrial automation or renewable energies.
  4. IT and software engineering: The IT and information technology sector is booming in Greece, offering many opportunities in the field of IT and software engineering. You could be involved in software development, IT project management or data analysis.
  5. Environmental engineering: Greece is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development. Environmental engineering plays a key role in protecting natural resources, managing waste, combating pollution and promoting renewable energy. You could contribute to projects aimed at improving the country’s environmental footprint.

It is important to note that these fields are just a sample of the opportunities available in Greece. Other fields such as chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials engineering, marine engineering and many others are also present in the country. It is advisable to look for companies, research centres or organisations that match your specific area of interest and to contact potential employers directly to discuss internship opportunities.

Doing an engineering internship in Greece: the cost of living

Doing your engineering internship in Greece means taking into account the cost of living in the country. Here are some things to consider about the cost of living in Greece:

  1. Accommodation : Rent prices in Greece can vary depending on the city and location. Athens, as the capital, generally has higher rents than other cities in the country. It is possible to find affordable accommodation options, particularly by sharing a flat with other students or trainees.
  2. Food: Spending on food in Greece is generally affordable, especially if you shop in local markets and supermarkets. Fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and seafood, is often cheaper than in other European countries.
  3. Public transport: Public transport in Greece, particularly buses and metros, is relatively affordable. Fares vary from city to city, but are generally affordable for students and trainees.

  4. Leisure and outings: Leisure and entertainment costs may vary according to your preferences and lifestyle. Restaurants, cafés and bars can be affordable, particularly in student areas. You can also take advantage of a range of free or low-cost activities, such as visits to historic sites, outdoor walks and cultural events.
  5. Services and living expenses: Services such as electricity, water, internet and mobile phone charges are generally affordable in Greece. Costs may vary depending on your consumption and the supplier you choose.

It is important to note that costs can vary depending on the city and your personal lifestyle. It is advisable to do specific research into the cost of living in the city where you plan to do your placement and to create a realistic budget based on your expected expenses.

It is also advisable to check whether your work placement is paid and to factor this into your financial calculations.

Doing an engineering internship in Greece: the premises

An engineering internship in Greece offers the opportunity to work in a diverse local environment. Here are a few points to consider about local people in the context of an engineering internship in Greece:

  1. Companies and organisations: Greece is home to a variety of companies and organisations in different engineering sectors such as energy, infrastructure, automotive, telecommunications, construction, technology, etc. Depending on your area of interest, you could find internship opportunities with local companies, start-ups, engineering firms or even academic institutions.
  2. Working environment: Working environments in Greece can vary depending on the size and nature of the company. You may work in traditional offices, laboratories, factories or on construction sites, depending on the engineering field in which you are doing your placement. It’s important to adopt a professional attitude and respect the rules and standards specific to each working environment.
  3. Team dynamics: Work teams in Greece can be warm and welcoming. Greeks often have a friendly and convivial approach to their colleagues. Communication and collaboration are valued, and it is common to share meals and moments of relaxation with team members. This fosters a pleasant working environment and strengthens professional relationships.
  4. Hierarchy and respect: As in many countries, there is a professional hierarchy in Greece. It is important to respect the authorities and follow the instructions of your superiors. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek advice when necessary, but show respect for those with more experience.
  5. Work culture: The work culture in Greece can be dynamic and flexible. Greeks value a balance between work and personal life. Working hours may vary depending on the company and sector, but it is common to have an extended lunch break. Greeks also value social interaction and social time within the team.

In short, doing your engineering internship in Greece offers you the opportunity to work in a variety of environments, interact with friendly colleagues and discover the local professional culture. It can be an enriching experience that will allow you to develop your technical skills and familiarise yourself with engineering practices specific to the Greek context.

So don’t hesitate about your work placement in Greece, you’ll be as surprised as we are! We guarantee you’ll have a great work placement abroad. So get in touch?

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