Are you still hesitating to leave your comfort zone for a few months to go abroad for an internship? Go for it! With ERASMUS, a springboard for high school and university students, nothing could be easier, and it will only bring you more!

What is ERASMUS?
It’s a programme that has been signed between the different countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Macedonia that allows you to spend between 3 and 12 months in the country of your choice if you are going abroad for an internship, or in one of the partner universities or high schools of your French school, if you are going for a semester or a year of studies. You will then receive the ERASMUS grant which is paid to all participants. Its amount varies according to the cost of living in your host country: between €150 and €300 per month for students and between €300 and €400 for trainees.

So which country should you choose?
If you decide to go on an ERASMUS traineeship, you will have to choose your preferred country. Many students go to English-speaking countries such as England, Malta or Ireland, mainly to improve their level of English, a language which has become indispensable in the professional world.

This stay abroad will also allow you to create a new circle of relations, to become independent and to differentiate yourself in interviews with your future employers.

Ireland, the United Kingdom’s flagship country
In addition to its idyllic landscapes, the good humour of its people and its pleasant quality of life, Ireland offers a wide range of work experiences. Numerous start-ups and large international groups, such as Ryanair, Dell and Microsoft, are present in Dublin and Belfast and are just waiting for you! When you come back, you’ll only be waiting for one thing: to go back!

Don’t hesitate any longer and go abroad for an internship, you won’t regret it. Ask the person in charge of international relations at your institution, and prepare your file at least 6 months before your departure to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

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