Facing a bad internship abroad? With International Horizons, this does not happen so do not hesitate to go to the site for any internship abroad. Some errors occur frequently during an internship, we are here for you to prevent this from happening to you.

The missions do not match your expectations

You are not satisfied with your internship because the missions proposed by your tutor do not match your expectations or expectations of your school. So you decided to use your teachers to stop the course. However, you would have appealed to our organization, it would have avoided to endanger the validation of your year.

Difficulties in English

You are on an internship in an English speaking country in a hotel as a receptionist, and you do not have enough English vocabulary and you do not have the English accent. Therefore, your guardian has decided to suspend your internship. International Horizons would not only have saved your time when your language skills do not meet the expectations of this company but you would also have found an internship abroad where the language barrier is not a drag.

An incompatibility of character

You face a manager where your characters are not on the same wavelength and it prevents you from developing your skills. In addition, with him, the duties and responsibilities are not clearly defined. It’s hard to know what such a manager is waiting for. International Horizons would have avoided all this since we get a first contact with the tutor.

Internship with International Horizons, a difference guaranteed

From the end of your studies, you will confront the law of competition. More and more people improve their imagination through their application with a creative and original resume. Thanks to us, you will have a candidacy accompanied by a good experience. So you can use our organization to find an internship abroad.

Need information ?

Do not hesitate to contact us about internship abroad, you can contacts us and we will do our best to answer your questions.