Yeah, my dude: Finland is done too! 6 months: finally a little less, but this my feedback from my own experience in Finland.

My arrival in Finland

I went to Finland to study in Mikkeli, the fourth largest city. But, I arrived from Copenhagen where I spent a week – which cost me a good arm – before heading to Helsinki. My arrival was painful, I left Copenhagen in broad daylight, and time to get out of the airport, take the train to Helsinki and get to Mikkeli at 15H3O: it was pitch dark.

What I really enjoyed in Finland

Finland has a lot of positive point! There are plenty of infrastructures dedicated to young people, which are very accessible with a student card: whether your card is Finnish or not, as long as it is a student card. Gym, cinema, sports ground co ‘and even transport by bus or ferry to visit the country and the surrounding area: it’s cheaper!

I also loved the trust placed in the Other. You can let your kids play in front of the supermarket while you do your shopping, we teach you to skate on the frozen lakes (and that’s hot!), The conditions for outdoor parties are minimal, as long as you leave all clean, teens are quite free, they can dye hair in extravagant colors … in short, we trust you, as long as you respect others and nature.

What I disliked in Finland

Cold. But so cold: 42 days before seeing the sun again, it was atrocious sincerely. I was not prepared for that; nor at the almost permanent night in winters. I had until 9pm nighttime guy ‘it was very oppressive. And, what I really hated: do not hear the birds. Like you are in nature, there is no noise, but nothing, wallou. NOT A NOISE!

Life in Finland

Several things are surprising: coffee is foul and yet they are the biggest consumers in Europe! Kind of coffee is coffee. “No, I’m going to have an espresso, please.” No worries my guy, the bartender gets you out of his coffee pot, and serves you in a smaller cup haha. Hell for a Latin!

Otherwise the daily is simple, and basic: you do sports co ‘on the ice with Finnish and Russian, you go to the sauna and jump naked in the snow, you do your shopping in the middle of the night … the base! And the best, take the opportunity to visit Turku, the ancient capital which is sublime; and especially Lapland: it’s crazy.

In short, Finland, you have many surprises: I do not spoil you more, enjoy. Finland, if you are aware and you like calmness, it’s royal!