Feedback from Slovenia: another country that the Team has scoured! We’ve almost all set foot there. Spoiler: Everyone loved it. Perso – Seb – it’s certainly one of the countries I like the most with Italy and the Czech Republic. I’ve been to Slovenia three times, twice as part of International Horizons. Here’s a little tour of the highlights to introduce you to the country! 

Feedback from Slovenia: the kindness of the people!

Slovenians are very nice! Whether it’s our partners on the spot (hello the French Institute), the barmaid on Costa Coffee who let us squat on the wifi for 10 days, the couple who hosted us during a trip to Ljubljana and so many others. Anecdote: we couldn’t reach a high school in Slovenia, in Ljubljana, we decided to show up in front of it and try to force the appointment. A high school – Marek – kindly showed us the way in impeccable English that would make Tristan pale, then gave us a tour of the high school while waiting for the headmistress to join us. We were served tea during the visit, and vegetables … since everything is free for the well-being of the young people! And by the way, you don’t even have to go to class if you’re going to use the sports facilities instead! The Slovenian education system relies a lot on young people to take responsibility, and it works!  

Feedback from Slovenia: safety is paramount 

Another anecdote: one evening, we have a few drinks, in … a few bars in the city. Already, I lose my identity card: a waiter kept it in his hand, and went around the main square to bring it back to me! It’s the only country where I’ve been through this : most of the time I have to redo my papers because I’m head over heels. The same evening we celebrated until 5am between the bars and clubs of the capital: we met people from all walks of life, and no fights. And, no kidding: it feels good. Because in Nantes, overall: you’re gay, your skirt’s too short, you’ve had too much to drink, you’re alone, it’s almost certain that you’ll get a loaf of bread after 2am. Slovenia is really very dynamic but without the shit. 

Feedback from Slovenia: Breathtaking landscapes (and you know some!)

In addition to the capital, Slovenia offers a wide range of landscapes! The Alps, with the Socca, that turquoise (yes!) river you’ve seen in the World of Narnia, Koper, with its beaches and marinas, or Bled, that huge lake with an island in its centre. Slovenia is as much for nature lovers as for city dwellers: you will find everything within reach tomorrow because the country is small and excellently served. 

Feedback from Slovenia: Ideal situation for travelling 

Slovenia is ideal for travelling, especially in Northern Italy and the Balkans. In less than 4H of car you are in Venice, and can thus enjoy the Dolomites (and Belluno!), and all the Veneto region! The bravest can even push to the incredible Bologna. On the other side, you can quickly reach Split, Zagreb or Pula in Croatia, and thus enjoy its beaches, or push to Albania or Montenegro to enjoy their postcard landscapes.

Feedback from Slovenia: the sweetness of life!

Slovenia has several peculiarities: no far-right-wing extremist game, no green game. Why is that? Already the inhabitants are all ecologists: no need for politics to promote. No MLP either: the country welcomes a lot of immigrants from the Balkans, but in Slovenia, nobody cares :). By the way, when you ask a Slovenian their biggest concern: it’s usually when the next snows will come!

On that note, travel enthusiast, if you want your internship in Slovenia, International Horizons will find you a good match within two weeks, so contact us!