Feedback from South Korea. Hello friends! This time it is in South Korea that I will take you by sharing my experiences, in Seoul more exactly! Meet Korean princesses in traditional dress, discover a new culinary world, .. Hold you well because I want one thing in thinking about all this: it is to return!
My first meal in Seoul

It is 6:30 pm, I am finally settled in my room, my stomach clearly tells me that he has not had anything since 6 hours since the plane and it would be time to eat.

And there, you say to yourself, but what has he been able to eat? A bibimbap? A kimchi bokkumbap? A Korean barbecue? Well it’s a Mcdo ‘for the young French! It’s a bit ridiculous but I admit that I was tired after these twelve hours of plane I wanted to eat fast and go back to ask me. For once I have a lot of anecdote to tell you: I eat my menu big mac quietly, that I only paid 4 € elsewhere (definitely great country), I then throw my garbage in the trash and I go back to my hotel room. An hour later, after spending 20 minutes looking for my phone in my room, I realize that I probably left it in the Mcdo and then comes back in my head the moment I put my phone on my tray. Do not tell me that I threw my phone in the trash anyway? What a ball! So I go back to ask the manager, explaining the situation, if it was possible for me to search the trash … He told me that the trash was changed but he would try to find my phone. It was after 30 minutes of intensive research and 4 trash bags filled, thoroughly searched, that the famous phone was found. I was so embarrassed to have bothered this poor Korean guy so kind and invests to help me. What gratitude for this people. I imagine that karma struck me for eating at McDonald’s in such a culturally rich country.

We go back a few centuries

Here I am at the gates of Gyeongbokgung, the famous royal palace, prepared to jump back in time through Korean history. Imagine that this palace with more than 600 years of history to tell is just incredible! A few steps in the field and we are instantly transported. I meet many people wearing a hanbok, which is the traditional garment of Korean history, greeting me with a smile. Besides, Koreans are very proud and grateful when we are interested in their culture! A small group of 4-5 middle school students came to me to take a picture with me because I was French. I should not be told that I must go and sit on the throne of the king. (Daenerys I’m coming!)

Last little tips: Do not forget your camera, there’s enough to strafe;) And for your internship in South Korea —> contact the team!

Discovery of the Korean barbecue

A group of Korean friends decided, for my pleasure, to invite me to discover the Korean barbecue. We arrive at the district of Hongdae, known as the young and hype district of Seoul. We stop to watch street performances of young singers and dancers all as talented as the famous K-pop band. The neighborhood is full of stylish young people, as if they were all coming out of fashion week. The atmosphere is incredible!

Here we are, I will finally discover the Korean barbecue with my friends. The sound of the samgyeopsal (pork belly) that grills on the plate with kimchi gives me mouth water … But all first, let’s drink! And hop, first glass of soju gone down.

My friend shows me how to eat for a max of flavor: Take a sheet of salad – you put a little rice, a piece of meat dipped in sauce, a piece of kimchi and go! This is how the Korean barbecue landed in the top 3 of my favorite dishes.