To finance your internship abroad: THE question of the students but also of the parents who often undergo the schooling of their too greedy children. I’m joking ! Already, an internship abroad is not expensive. And, we have a lot of little tips to give you to finance your internship abroad. Are you ready baby? Hang on to your panties, we’ll roll out a carpet of solutions. GO!

Mobility grants

Yes, m’boy! No matter what region you are in, it offers you mobility grants for your internship abroad. And that’s a gift. But that’s not all: thanks to your school, you can also benefit from ERASMUS + mobility grants. Once for your internship abroad, and another to do an academic semester. So yes, there are some paperwork to fill … but for an hour spending to fill this, you can have a a lot of help.

Choose your destination

Of course, if you want to go to London or Barcelona, ​​you need more budget, but you can 1) choose cheaper cities, and 2) choose countries where the cost of living is low! Do you want to improve English? In Slovenia, Greece, Lithuania, the Czech Republic: they have excellent English, and it’s way cheaper! You are a student ? A mojito in Ljubljana is 3 €! Are you a parent? Forget what you just read, and think that a beachfront apartment in Thessaloniki is … 250 € a month.

Get ahead in your search

The earlier you go, the more likely you are to find a paid internship! So, OK if you have no experience it will be complicated but otherwise it should have gone well. And again, even without experience, you can manage to find an internship accomodated: especially in the hotels.

Other solutions

Many other more special solutions exist; following the training, especially in art, or law, you can call on foundations that offer scholarships to do his internship abroad. And, depending on the destination. For example, Taiwan is looking for a lot of trainees, and the embassy offers mobility scholarships for some profiles. You just have to pick up such a phone and give them a call to get info bro ‘!

So here it is my friend: finance his internship abroad, it’s not that complicated! Come on, for a 6 months internship in Slovenia, 3000 € is enough! You put your flat in sublease and you go to a great internship experience abroad.

And if you still have doubts, we are always available to answer your questions !