Find an internship in emergency ? Easy dude. You’ve been saying all year long ” still I have time ” – ” only half of the class found an internship for the moment ” – ” even the first of the promo did not find it, we have the time. These sentences we have all told them at least once, and me included! So if you have 4 weeks left, you are  panicking and you say you will not find, persists! Everything comes with patience… as we say 🙂 Go, 4 main points to find your internship abroad in emergency

 Re-focus on the type of business you are looking for

If you have a few weeks or days left, see your ambitions down because there you can not find the internship of your dreams. So you have to increase the number of companies targeted and expand the areas in which you are looking. You have to ask the right questions: can the internship be validated by the school? is it an internship that you will be able to hold for the duration? If the answer is yes for both and you have a positive response from the recruiter, do not hesitate because it was your last opportunity! Do not take an internship at 10,000 km from your home because you may have some difficulty getting there!

Play the network !

A large part of the opportunities are given by a member of his family or a friend. Think of asking them if they have possibilities for you! Also: LinkedIn, the best and most popular professional network. If you do not have an account, you have to create one! There are also offers that roam here and there: recruiters like to go through this network and for good reason, it is the first professional network in the world. Use Facebook, Twitter … by placing ads, reiterating them every day! As soon as you go to a shop, ask if they take trainees, or if they know people who … You’ll have your internship abroad !

Do a daily follow-up (for the duration that remains !!)

Finding an internship at the last minute requires a lot of rigor and patience. To carry out this delicate mission, it is necessary that you install yourself a routine not to be missed (but kind really not, your success depends on it). Take a notebook somewhere in your home and organize a follow-up of your calls, your steps: write down the call’s date, the company, any comments, the date of recovery, the answer (negative, positive, pending ), the date of sending the mail, ect … This notebook is IMPERATIVE to hold. And it’s for you that I say that!

Employment agencies

Placement agencies also allow relaying between the student and the company but it is imperative to have a convention. For example, the HI team can help you in your last minute search. We are 70% cheaper than other French placement agencies! (MyInternshipAbroad which is 1500 euros, Alzea, .. check for yourself;)). We help you throughout your process and are always available, even when you leave. Our goal: to ensure that your experience abroad is the best possible. After obviously, make your choice on the agency that suits you best!

So if you need anyway, do not hesitate we are here The key to success is relentlessness, there are really no secrets. The more you call, the more mail you will send, the more you will raise and the more likely you are to have a positive answer. Above all: do not despair, you will find and you are far from being the last to be in this situation a little boring. And then tell yourself that if you’re looking at the last minute, companies definitely have needs at the last minute too!

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