Finland is a wonderful country: you can actually find pine trees everywhere, lakes where to bathe in summer as well as in winter, polar lights and Finlandia vodka; Welcome to Santa-Clause’s country!

Lithuania is small isolated city that lies between Belarus- Europe’s last dictatorship- and Latvia, known for its numerous swamps and its excellent results in basketball.

They’re actually two wonderful countries within easy reach for less than €50 back and forth from Paris. So why not rather do your internship in Finland or Lithuania?

Finland VS Lithuania: 1st match

Finland, will definitely know how to impress you with its culture which is at the polar opposite of our reserved and individualistic one. Well, Finnish people entrust one another. There are no gantries at the exit of the shops, no padlocks on the bikes, you can actually leave your wallet or laptop wherever you want in the street: someone would probably bring it to you or at worst, you will find it at the same place where you left it. On the contrary, Latvians are rather suspicious: history explains their unusual attitude any way: half of Europe has invaded their country, or better, we didn’t really help them during the second world war.

Finland VS Lithuania: 2nd match

Polar lights, the real Santa Claus… is it sexy enough?  Let’s then head towards Rovaniemi where all the economy of the town revolves around Santa Claus! This fascinating city is bustling all year long thanks to this universal legend. You can definitely meet the real Santa Clause given that Finland is just at the gates with Lapland. Yet in Lithuania you cannot find that at all!

Finland VS Lithuania: 3rd match

This year Finland gains a point: it celebrates its 100 years! There will be a lot of hustle and bustle, parties and a remarkable event: Norway will give a mountain to Finland. That’s all.

Finland VS Lithuania: 4th match

Lithuania is known all over the world for Basketball and certainly we can only congratulate it for its incredible results. Finland stands out particularly on curling and ice hockey. You are totally free to choose your favourite, but to break your habits, a match of ice hockey would be grand!  And then, as tradition says, you can go for a sauna and then roll naked in the snow. Yes, naked. In the snow.

Finland VS Lithuania 5th match

Price. Well, for that scoot off to Lithuania… Finland is an excessively expensive country while Lithuania is still, for us Europeans, quite affordable.

Finland VS Lithuania 6th match

keen on basic income or not? don’t have on opinion? This year, follow Finland: it has just introduced the universal basic income. This country is following the example of Sweden and Norway; it is in fact much more advanced compared to the rest of Europe when it comes to social legislation. Equal rights, universal basic income, ecological measures, no-smoking laws -without compromising the economy anyway! – it its simply the country to closely follow during the next years.

Are you convinced that Finland is the right place to do your internship? Contact us then! Bear in mind that Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden or even Russia can easily and cheaply be visited from Finland: you will have the opportunity to take a ferry or even one of the well-known Saab 340! During your internship in Finland don’t miss, anyhow, the opportunity of visiting our Lithuanian friends: this country is making much effort to be able to host tourists or ERSMUS students, and the destination is really interesting!