Senegal is the Africa of a thousand cultures and civilizations and the warmth of a famous welcome: “La Téranga Sénégalaise”. Going on a humanitarian mission in Senegal is an ideal gateway to discover the African continent.

NGOs and humanitarian associations in Senegal
A large (and growing) number of NGOs and associations work in Senegal in several fields: education, health, sustainable development. Going on a humanitarian mission in Senegal will therefore not be a problem: there are missions for all profiles. And they need you! International volunteers who can put their skills and knowledge to good use for the local population. A short general point about the situation in Senegal and its need for volunteers. Let’s get started!

Why go on a humanitarian mission in Senegal?
Senegal is the most stable country in Africa (there has never been a coup d’état)! Even if its economy continues to grow, the Senegalese population is classified as one of the poorest in the world (155/174 according to the United Nations National Plan).

Senegal boasts one of the best education systems on the continent. French and American Grandes Ecoles have settled there and have a high enrolment rate (compared to its neighbours), especially among the youngest (80% primary school enrolment rate). However, access to education remains very limited.

A brief summary of the language situation: French is the official language (since 2001). A multitude of national languages are spoken. Wolof”, spoken by more than 90% of the population, has the status of national language.

There is a great need for volunteers for humanitarian missions in various fields.
The humanitarian situation is not the best: high birth rate (about 4 children per woman), food insecurity, infant mortality … organizations are looking for many doctors and health workers, especially in the most remote small villages.

There are still cases of female genital mutilation in the tribes. As a result, actions are being taken by humanitarian agencies to protect female genital mutilation.

How to go on a humanitarian mission in Senegal?
How to become a volunteer? All you need is to be over 18 years old and to have a visa. You can apply online at SNEDAI, or go to the Consulate General of Senegal the most pocket.

What are the risks in Senegal for a volunteer? The main risks remain the diseases that eat away at the population (hence the need for volunteers!). The few basic rules are to protect yourself from mosquitoes and to be vaccinated before your departure. Think about anti-malaria treatments!

Senegal is a country in great food distress and where access to education is still difficult. The improvement of the population’s living conditions is a fight of the organizations that devote all their means to it. Be volunteers, get involved! People are waiting for you. And for that, International Horizons can help you, so contact us!

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