Put yourself in a good state of mind before going for an internship abroad

Your internship abroad is found, your convention is signed and everything is almost completed? You just have to take your flight or your train to your host country. But you stress and ask yourself lots of questions? This article will tell you how to put yourself in a good state of mind before going on an internship abroad!

Your internship abroad

In order for your internship to run smoothly and to start in the best way, you have to take care of all the formalities before your departure. Remember to go to your phone company to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill, opts for an international package. Also make an appointment with your banker to give you advice, especially if you go to a country with a different currency. If your boss does not accommodate you, go to sites of short or medium term rentals, or Facebook groups, to avoid having to start looking for housing once arrived on site. Also think of the means of transportation that you will use there. If you choose to travel by public transport, go for a ride on the city’s transport company to order your card.

Your internship is far from France?

If you leave outside the European Union, check with your embassy or the Ministry of the Interior to find out what documents, visas or passports are needed for each country. Also think of going to see your doctor, to be updated in your vaccines, and to make a last check-up before leaving. Attention, some countries ask for vaccines or special documents! Reserve your plane ticket in advance to make some savings that will be very useful during your internship!

For an internship near France

If you stay in the EU, apply for your European Health Insurance Card, which will cover any medical expenses you may have during your placement. If you want to improve your language level, outside of your working hours, you can also take language classes in the universities of your city, it will be only good!

Once you have completed this checklist, go see the maximum of people around you and your friends to enjoy them before taking the plunge. With all these tips you can only spend a great internship, so take advantage of it!

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