Health in Senegal : access to basic needs

Whether we speak of the access to healthcare or access to drinking water, in both cases progress is to be made in the health sector in Senegal.

Health in Senegal: Access to Care

Senegalese hospitals suffer from a lack of specialized doctors. This lack lead to a difficult access to care for Senegalese. Many diseases require urgent care. And it’s almost impossible given the deficit of health professionals. Preventive health awareness campaigns are on the way to keep the population informed. The goal is also to educate the youngest in medical hygiene! Associations therefore intervene in schools. Are you a student in medico-social fields? You wish to participate in awareness campaigns while being in contact with the habitants, do not hesitate to contact us!

Health in Senegal: Access to drinking water

Since 2013, Senegal has reached a global drinking water coverage rate of 90.4%, which is very promising. At the same time, the sanitation sub-sector is failing to deliver the expected results, leaving some remote areas still without access to safe drinking water. The State of Senegal has mobilized the private sector and development partners. This, in order to carry out the program of access to drinking water and sanitation. The priority now is to promote access to drinking water in rural areas as well as in the educational field, so that the population can have access to this basic need.

If you want to take part to promote access to drinking water and to improve life comfort of Senegalese, do not hesitate to contact us, we will accompany you in the construction of your humanitarian project!