You have always wanted to go abroad but the idea of going far away, alone, in an unknown country scares you? Relax, no worries. In this article we’ll give you some advice to answer this question: How do you deal with the fear of going abroad?

Today, an internship abroad is a real asset on your CV! It shows recruiters your adaptability, your open-mindedness and your mobility. So if your only fear in taking the plunge is being far away, you should know that there are many border countries offering unique, professional and enriching internship experiences.

Prepare yourself well in advance
Going on an internship abroad is a big step for some students. We must therefore do everything we can to ensure that it goes well. It has to be a well-considered decision, knowing why you want to go, how long you’re ready to go, your plans on the spot etc. Before you go abroad, try to travel to France a little, get used to getting away from your daily life so that you have more confidence when you leave for a more “distant” destination.

Ask others about their experiences
You have questions, you want to go abroad for an internship, not too far away but to learn the language? For your first trip, plan a destination that a friend of yours already knows, it will give you more confidence. Don’t you have any friends who know this destination? Don’t forget that the HI team has travelled a lot?

Choose a border destination
As a country bordering France, Spain offers many internship opportunities in all possible fields. Are you doing a BTS in Tourism? Then an internship in Spain is for you! Hotels by the thousands, tourist sites … You will find what you are looking for. If you’re afraid of flying, you can even go by car and if your internship is long, if you’re afraid of lack, you can go back home for a weekend; Barcelona is 1h30 from Nantes by plane for example.

Trust yourself
It’s up to you and you alone to make this decision! Where you go, when, with whom, where you stay. And if it wasn’t the right choice then it doesn’t matter, it will be a great experience all the same! Never forget: We always learn from our mistakes!

You are no longer afraid so take the plunge, contact us for your internship abroad!

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