An internship abroad brings an open-mindedness and an important personal enrichment, that you know it, I know it, everybody knows it. Professional development is also very important. As part of your internship abroad, it’s bound to open doors that you wouldn’t have had without this unique experience! However, you must know how to highlight it on your CV. For example, if the employer thinks that you’ve been drinking Pig Rinse and chili for 4 months, I have some doubts about your hiring. Well, we tell you here in a few lines how to value this internship abroad on your CV 🙂

The ++ valorization of your internship abroad
To be able to talk about your experience, the positive or negative points of your stay, your linguistic or professional improvement. To be able to put all this on your CV is even better. Not necessarily easy. The recruiter’s eye must fall directly on this or these experience(s) which will determine the outcome of your interview. This is what will pique his curiosity and differentiate it from other candidates! Highlight what you have acquired during your internship in Europe, or during your internship abroad. The learning of a language, the discovery of a new way of life, your adaptability to new ways of working, your ability to question yourself. There are many possibilities and you must already choose what suits you and then what will be the most relevant.

What motivated you?
Before leaving to do your internship in Europe, you must have given some thought to your destination and the type of experience you wanted to have. You found plenty of motivation to decide to leave your cocoon and that’s what you need to put forward! The recruiter will appreciate your determination and your desire for “new things” and adventure. You need to know how to answer the questions: why did you go abroad? What motivated you to leave? On your CV, talk more about going abroad than about travelling. The word travel is sometimes used rather badly … by experience feedback 😉

Consistency with your background
Even if you were in international trade, and you went to work in accounting, you have to know how to explain it and give coherence to your career path. Show that you left with a specific goal in mind: to complete your knowledge, discover a new job, experience within the framework of your studies, etc.

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