How much can you earn on an internship abroad? That’s a good question, Gaston. And to answer you, there are even several answers: it all depends on your personal situation. We’ll try to give you the best answer, but the simplest thing is to discuss it together (contact us ;))

You’ve decided to go abroad, perfect. Now, how much can you expect? The first thing to know is that remuneration is NOT compulsory abroad: only in France is there legislation that obliges companies to do so.

You are going to do an internship abroad during your BTS (vocational training certificate).
If you are a student in BTS International Trade, BTS SAM or BTS Tourism, you have a 2 or 3 month internship to do. Normal: your studies are hyper condensed during these 2 years, and the schools cannot offer you more time for your internship. In this case, you can rarely expect to be paid. Possibly accommodation if you are going to work in the hotel business. If you would like some help in finding out how to finance your internship abroad with scholarships, please contact us.

You are going to do an internship abroad for more than 4 months.
You are a university student, a business school student, usually you have a longer internship to complete. The longer the internship, the better the chances of negotiating a salary for your internship abroad.

But beware, there are additional parameters to take into account!
Remuneration is often paid according to profile. What does that mean? Clearly, your level of language skills has a great impact on the decision. If you are too good, the company will certainly not make a financial effort: it will already spend time training you technically and linguistically. If your level is correct, it will only improve on the spot. In this case, the company is often more inclined.

Moreover, some countries do it, and some don’t at all. An internship in Malta? Forget about remuneration: every company receives on average about 100 CVs from students from all over Europe, unfortunately it’s the law of supply and demand. An internship in Ireland or the UK? Companies are more understanding and often have more means. Generally speaking, Northern countries can afford it more than Southern European countries, and that’s quite logical.

How much can you earn in an internship abroad? Well, as you can see, it’s a big question. Your case is unique: come on, let’s discuss it here? ?

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