Knowing how to choose your internship destination abroad is essential for a good stay. If your destination is well chosen and prepared in advance, 50% of the success of your internship abroad is assured.

European Union or not?

If you decide to go to the European Union (internship in the Netherlands for example) you do not need a visa, that’s cool. So you have almost no paperwork to do in pre-departure. However, if you plan to leave the European Union, Thailand, Taiwan, ect you usually need a visa. This visa can take several weeks, maybe several months to get it: think well to take it before you go!

Do you have enough money to leave?

For your internship abroad, it’s unfortunately not free. And your budget will vary from simple to triple according to your destination, and this even in the European Union. Example: you want to do an internship in Finland, total budget with housing, transport, food, outings, account a little more than 1000 euros to make really large. If you are going to do an internship in Malta, you have 400 to 500 euros. So think carefully before you choose the country.

Do you really want to discover the country?

First international experience, I do not recommend going to a country too exotic! You may not be able to be used to the culture and work changes. Begin with a country bordering or close to your country such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal or Italy. An internship in the Netherlands is also accessible. Also if you do not have too many experiences in English, the United Kingdom or Malta are largely within your reach for your internship abroad!

If you need more tips for your destination, we are here to help you! 🙂 So, contact us if you have the slightest doubt about how to choose the destination of your internship abroad! See ya 😉