How to choose your internship abroad in BTS Tourism?

Your internship period is starting to approach its end, and you start to panic, thinking that you’ll be the last to find your internship? Repeating to yourself that you are going to have a bad experience? Almost impossible, if you read these few tips that I hope will help you and your friends! GO for your internship in Europe!

Choosing your destination for your internship abroad in BTS Tourism
First of all, ask yourself the question: do I want to do my internship abroad? It is rather advisable for an internship in BTS Tourism! Since it is one of the best sectors to do an internship abroad, along with catering, hotels, marketing, finance … and it’s a great kiff! We tell you a little more details HERE. For a rather short internship, it is better to stay in France or a country bordering France. For a long internship (2 months or more), you can start looking a little further, for an internship in the Balearic Islands for example!

Target your company

I do not recommend sending your CVs and cover letters on the fly anywhere and to companies you don’t know. Target a particular sector (for example for your internship in BTS Tourism, the DMC agencies of a city or region that you like). List them all in a notebook or spreadsheet to leave a trace, and then be able to organize your follow-up. Do you want to do animation, assistance in project management, marketing …

Modify your CV / cover letter according to the country and the company.
For your internship in Europe, don’t copy and paste your cover letters, it’s quite noticeable, especially in tourism! Show that you know the company and that you know in which sector it works, for which position you are applying! Stand out from the crowd, and, once again, even if it’s tempting: don’t send them en masse. You will get answers and/or companies that are much less adapted to your request. Concerning your CV, change the title to CV – SURNAME – FIRST NAME – COMPANY when you send it. Also modify the description in your job search, highlight the name of the company! If you are fluent in a foreign language, specify it (read and/or written and/or spoken, with a TOEIC test or other if you have taken it!).

Then I hope that you will follow these tips and that you will be able to find your internship abroad in BTS Tourism, an internship in Europe, and why not an internship in the Balearic Islands? Contact us at ?

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