Are you by any chance in BTS CI? You have just finished your high school studies and you are entering the world of studies? Okay, no worries. Do you also have an 8 week internship abroad to do in your first year? Okay, no worries number 2. International Horizons coco the crazy BTS CI internship lease! Choosing your internship in Europe is easy if you follow our advice. And you can also go HERE for more advices for your BTS CI internship ;).

The objectives of your internship in 1st year
You must have several objectives that you intend to achieve during your internship in International Trade. Clearly, the goal is for you to prospect for new clients. If you like talking, convincing people, and you don’t mind getting a wind or a slap in the face, that’s cool! No, if you’re really nice on the phone, it’s creamy. One of the objectives is also to familiarise yourself with one of the 2 main foreign languages taught in BTS CI. Spanish or English. If you’re doing your internship in Europe, you’ve got plenty to do! Then, a longer immersion for more rewarding missions! Your gain of experience will be huge in a few weeks.

How can you avoid falling into the trap of the wrong company?
It’s up to you! And of course a little (big?) piece of bad luck. Already, target the area of the company in which you want to do your internship: catering, import export, startup, banks, etc … Then choose the city or cities/countries where you want to go (Remember, if you go with ERASMUS +, you are entitled to scholarships! For a first internship, I advise you to go this way, but let’s come back to our sheep). Once you’ve chosen, you build up a huge database with the name of the company, telephone, email, etc… and you prospect! (you already start your missions before your internship in fact … aha :)).

To avoid the wrong company, look at all the reviews left on Google, Facebook, and various social networks for companies that give you a possible OUIII. Don’t forget to ask your teachers what they think about it. Your family, who may know about the company. Ask the company for contacts of former trainees, if any.

Choosing the right country for your internship in Europe
If you want to speak English, please don’t go to London. Really, I don’t. You hear French at every crosswalk, every crossing, every bar. I don’t find it interesting (this opinion only applies to me of course), especially if you want to improve your foreign languages. For example, an internship in Malta to improve your English is a must! The population is 90% bilingual, and the number of French speakers is still low! Many companies are looking for interns. For your Spanish-speaking internship, there is nothing like Spain. Same as before, try to avoid the big French-speaking destinations or make Spanish boyfriends/girlfriends!

We have a lot of other tips to give you and you can ask us for them! Contact us when you want, as you want, on your sofa or when you get out of class (or on your sofa in class????), as you wish!

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